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Solar Directory

Step: 1 - Energy Assessment

Fill out our simple solar quote questionnaire and we will show you the best way to maximize your power bill savings.

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Step: 2 - Solar Home Proposal

The search for a solar company has never been easier. Solar Directory filters through over 7K companies using our proprietary AI software.

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Step: 3 - Compare

Solar companies in your area are looking for customers like you. Don't let them get away! Compare solar quotes side by side with our technology that has made this easier than ever before by allowing users to instantly receive multiple estimates from local companies who have been vetted by our team at Solar Directory.

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Step: 4 - Installation

A fully licensed team from top companies that go above and beyond will come out and set you up with your new solar system. You're about to get the most up-to-date, cutting edge solar system available.solar directory professional installation

Step: 5 - Save Money

The future is now! With your new financial asset, you can start saving money immediately.

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Your Solar Solution

In Minutes

Find the best solar installation company in your area, tailored to your needs.

Solar Directory is the ultimate resource for finding solar systems. Solar Directory has created a proprietary algorithm using AI that helps you find a cost-effective solar solution tailored to your unique needs. Our process eliminates any need of “shopping around” or being overwhelmed with information when dealing with several different solar companies.

Reasons To Go Solar

Save The Planet

With the rise in popularity of clean and renewable energy, it is important that we stop using dirty electricity made from fossil fuels or gases. This will help our environment for generations to come!

Save Money

With a lower fixed solar payment, homeowners can save money immediately and maintain their energy independence. The average homeowner can save $30,000 over the first 12 years just by switching to solar!

Lower Fixed Rates

Your electric rates are about to skyrocket. Your monthly utility bill is going up by 3-4% every year and there's nothing you can do about it. You can rest assured that your solar power payment will never go up.

Federal Tax Credit

The Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) can be worth up to 26% of your system cost, turning it into a cash rebate that you receive after installation.

More Jobs

The solar industry is booming! More Americans than ever before have joined the clean energy revolution and more jobs are being created at an astonishing rate. When you make this switch you are supporting local communities. The number of Americans employed in the solar industry has grown nearly twice as fast than any other profession, with more than 250 thousand people working in solar.

Increased Value

Installing a solar system on your home will increase its’ value by $30,000 to $40,000. A new study has found that installing solar can result in an additional profit up front and thousands of dollars return over time.


How much
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Use the Solar Directory savings calculator to find out.

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